Frequently Asked Questions


We are experts in the website field and can help you to achieve your online goals.

Deposit System

Our deposit system means you only need to pay half and we will start to develop your website. Once your website is complete pay the other half and your website can go live!

Development Process

We use templates as a base of our website then customise them by changing images, text and styling. We also add in new layouts according to what is needed.


Throughout the whole process we are happy to support you with any issues and discuss the best ways forward via email or phone.


Standard Features

All websites can include these features - gallery, complex forms, Google maps locator, basic animations, sliders and more.

Booking System

For all booking system we use the CozyCal software. They offer high quality affordable solutions, there is an additional cost for integrating this program. You will also need to subscribe to a free or paid plan via CozyCal.

Terms & Conditions

Design Standard

EasyWeb does their best to create beautiful designs that everyone will love. We can not guarantee that you will love it as design is subjective but we will put in a reasonable amount of time according to your package to make sure the design looks great.

Content Creation

EasyWeb creates content on behalf of their customers by writing copy, creating design elements, creating layouts and sources images wherever needed. We still hold the right to determine what is reasonable when requested to create complex content that would require a lot of time.

Time Frame

EasyWeb will have a draft site ready within 2 weeks from when you submit your briefing information. The draft site can be brought to completion within a week after all the necessary changes are submitted.